Terms and conditions of ActiveServers

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ActiveServers Terms and conditions

1. Customers have to pay full amount for their services.

2. We have all rights to start and stop any of the services of customers.

3. Backup : We dona€?t offer any backup service. Customer is responsible for their own sitea€?s backup. We are not liable for any direct or in direct loss in the event of hacking and/or data theft/loss.

4. You can not host adult content, images or video. Customer needs to take complete responsibility of the content uploaded on his website and must take complete responsibility of the actions of his customers who use our services.

5. Account Activation : We offer account activation for each of our client within 24 hours of making the payment for any service/product availed.

6. You must Not host any kind of fraud domain and hosting.

7. We have the rights to stop your services in the event of complaint being found to be true.

8. Money back guarantee : Our money back guarantee is only for those clients who avail a particular service/product for minimum one year. Also, the client has to ask for the same in 3-4 days of availing the service

9. Shared hosting can use only 5% of CPU per site.

10. Clients are resposible to renew/transfer their domain. ActiveServers has no resposbility Once domain expire. We give 13 days to renew/transfer domain.

11. Resellers needs to manage their client domains and hosting account. ActiveServers has no resposbility for resellers accounts.

12. Payment : For any product/service you avail, kindly make a prior payment. Service activation is done post the payment has been made. We accept payments through different modes that include debit cards, credit cards, Paytm etc.

13. Priority support : We offer both phone and ticket based support. Although raising tickets helps us monitor the queries in a faster way

14. Change in terms : Active Servers assures to inform the changes in terms and policies made to all its clients. Although we have the complete right to modify the terms and conditions set without any prior notice or permission.

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