WHMCS Management Services.

By using WHMCS Management Services from ActiveServers, you can don't have to worry about WHMCS migrations, upgrades, support services, and more.

Installation, Configuration & HTML Frontend


  • WHMCS Installation
  • Setup and Settings of Cron Automation Task
  • HTML Frontend - up to 8 pages*
  • Configuration of up to 12 Products/Services (add-on at Rs.100 each product)
  • Server connection into WHMCS
  • Setup of 1 Domain Registrar & up to 12 TLD (add-on at Rs.100 per 5 TLD)
  • Setup of Support Departments & Email Piping
  • Mail Configuration to send email notifications such as account info, invoices.
  • Google's reCAPTCHA System Protection
  • WHMCS Security Implementation
  • Tax Configuration
  • Setup of up to 2 Currencies

Support & Management


  • WHMCS Support
  • Up to 2 servers management*
  • Weekly malware scanning
  • 30 Tickets/Month with 4-8 hours SLA* (additional Rs.100 per ticket after 30 tickets)
  • Backup Schedule*
  • Server Migration*
  • Disk space analysis*
  • cPanel/Plesk Server Patching and Hardening
  • WHMCS uprade*
  • Domain, Email and WHMCS Licensing Problem*
  • WHMCS Security Implementation
  • Payment Gateway issues*

WHMCS Migration*


  • All WHMCS files and database incl. modifications.
  • Configuration of Cron Automation Task
  • New IP update on Domain API
  • New IP update on Payment Gateway API
  • Full-featured web interface
  • Configuration of Email piping
  • Storage Settings (Ticket Attachments)
  • WHMCS Backup

WHMCS Management Services

WHMCS is complete one-stop automaion solution for hosting and development companies from payment gateway and order processing to order activation and email notifications with all details.

You don't need to worry just to maintain your WHMCS. We provide professional WHMCS management and support services including updates, monthly support to resolve multiple issues for companies and for their clients. Our professional team helps you to manage your WHMCS in an systematic manner. Hire our professionals on monthly basis to manage and maintain your WHMCS. Use our WHMCS Management Service so you can focus on your business goals while we maintain and manage your WHMCS. Our team will check your issues and you will get solution or response in 4-8 hours.

For an excellent experience with WHMCS, we suggest using the latest version of WHMCS. With our upgrade service, our professionals will make sure to upgrade your WHMCS portal with minimal downtime. If possible, we will also take care of any customizations you make to WHMCS.

For a stress free migration, use our WHMCS Migration Service. Our professionals migrate your WHMCS portal to a new hosting/server environment. We provide WHMCS migration service with no downtime or minimum downtime. We migrate all your files including customizations, all WHMCS data and configuration, cron job automation settings and other configurations. We provide migration service on weekdays. Migrations are completed in 24-48 hours.

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