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ActiveServers is one of the best Cheap Linux Reseller Hostings. Our services are hosted on the AWS cloud network. We are a reliable reseller of Linux hosting with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You will get the best price on sign-up and renewal. We offer monthly, annually, and biennially plans to start at @650/- per month, along with the backup server. You can get up to 10x faster speed and lowest ping with Linux Reseller Hosting plans in India.

Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans

You can start from basic plan then you can upgrade to higher plan whenever you need, seamless upgrade.


Renew at same cost!


For one Month
Renew at same cost!


For one Month
16% Saving


For one year
20% Saving


For two year
  • 10 GB SSD
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Website
  • 10 Database
  • SSL
  • 10 Plesk Accounts
  • Migration
  • 1-Click App Installer


Renew at same cost!


For one Month
Renew at same cost!


For one Month
16% Saving


For one year
25% Saving


For two years
  • 50 GB SSD
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 50 Website
  • 100 Database
  • SSL
  • 50 Plesk Accounts
  • Migration
  • 1-Click App Installer


Renew at same cost!


For one Month
Renew at same cost!


For one month
16% Saving


For one year
22% Saving


For two years
  • 100 GB GB SSD
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Website
  • Unlimited Database
  • SSL
  • Unlimited Plesk Accounts
  • Migration
  • 1-Click App Installer

Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting Plans - Reseller Linux Hosting

At Active Servers, we believe in offering to you quality services with the best and finest Linux reseller hosting, plesk reseller hosting. If you want have good numbers of PHP/Mysql based websites or you want to sell Linux hosting with your brandname then Linux Reseller hosting option is best for you. By using Plesk Reseller Hosting, you get Plesk. By using Plesk, you can create separate hosting for each client, design your hosting plans as per your need and demand of market. You can sell Linux hosting on your cost, manage your clients by using user friendly GUI. Even Linux account upgrade takes a few seconds. ActiveServers offers Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting plans.

We offer a powerful control panel (Plesk) that can ease the entire operations process of your business. The control panel provided by us is easy to use and customer friendly. Plesk ensures that you do not face any complications in operating. We ensure to offer you a reliable support. Our support team shall be in constant touch with you for any kind of assistance or queries. Active Servers is a leading Linux Hosting provider that offers cheap Reseller Linux hosting services. Our Linux hosting services help to keep your site online with a truly balanced CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits. You can instantly install more than 150 applications on your website with just a few simple clicks. Our Linux hosting Services offer you with 99.9 of uptime with the backup servers. Linux Hosting is the need of the hour and Active Servers is the best company you can choose to avail this service. If unsatisfied, we offer you with a complete money-back guarantee.

We also offer Linux unlimited reseller hosting. At Active Servers we offer you cheap reseller linux hosting and however, do not compromise in any way upon the quality of services offered. Some of our add on features include: Unlimited Add-On Domains, Unlimited Sub-Domains, Unlimited Databases, Parked Domains, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Private SSL Available, Add-on Dedicated IP.

ActiveServers offers a domain reseller panel account with every cheap reseller linux hosting. Using domain reseller, you can book your customer domains under one roof, create separate accounts for each user, one user can book multiple domains. Domain reseller account holder can manage their client accounts.

30 Day money-back guarantee

You will love our cheap linux reseller hosting services. It would be best if you tried to check our linux reseller hosting services, and you will be happy with your decision. Moreover, you can cancel the plan within 30 days whenever you feel like it. Please note that we offer a refund for a 1-year plan only.

With Reseller Linux Hosting Plans Customer Get

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Backups
  • 1-Click Installer
  • DNS Management
  • FTP
  • File Manager
  • Nginx Caching
  • PHP Settings
  • SSL
  • MySQL
  • phpMyadmin
  • Cronjobs
  • Web Statistics
  • Protected Directories
  • Plesk Panel
  • Web Application Firewall
  • GIT
  • Webmail Access
  • Account Isolation

User-Friendly Control Panel





Plesk Firewall





DNS Settings

Customer can manage all DNS (A, AAAA, NS, CNAME, MX, TXT, PTR, SRV, DS) entries using Plesk panel


Customer can improve website performance by using Nginx Reverse proxy with caching.

Website Import

Customers can import website with 1 click options, no technical knowledge is required for such operation.

NodeJS Frame Work

ActiveServers provides a Node.js platform that is designed to build network applications. It is a server-side, open-source environment that allows you to develop a scalable network application. It uses JavaScript to write the code that can be run in the Node.js runtime. It is available for use on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X. It also provides a collection of libraries of different JavaScript modules that would help develop web applications.

Backup Server

ActiveServers provides a backup server that consists of a standard hardware server with substantial storage capacity, mostly with redundant storage drives and a purpose-built backup server application. The backup schedule for each computer may be installed with a client utility application or configured within the host operating system. The host connects with the backup server at the scheduled time to initiate the data backup process. The backup may be recovered in the event of data loss.

PHP Support

Each release branch of PHP is fully supported for two years from its initial stable release. During this period, bugs and security issues that have been reported are fixed and are released in regular point releases. After these two years of active support, each branch is only supported for an additional year for critical security issues. Releases during this period are made on an as-needed basis. Depending on the number of reports, there may be multiple point releases or none.

How Reseller Hosting Works

Linux Reseller Hostingis a web hosting business model in which a web hosting provider allows some or all of their web hosting services to be sold by an individual or third-party organization. Reseller hosting enables an organization to act as a web hosting provider without the need to build, operate and manage a web hosting infrastructure.

Benifits of Linux Reseller Hosting

  • Customer Management
  • Your Branding
  • Low Cost Solution
  • India Location - Mumbai
  • Premium SSDs
  • Featuring AMD & Intel CPUs
  • Custom Name Servers
  • Free Backup Included
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Powered By Google Cloud
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Free Plesk Panel Included

Plesk provides complete freedom to resell windows based website hosting to your clients. Design your Plesk Reseller Hosting plans as per your need and market demand.

Plesk Panel

  • Get Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting with Plesk panel support.
  • Plesk empowers clients with a web-based UI.
  • It allows clients to create and manage multiple websites and domains and set up databases, and SSL/TLS.
  • The Plesk panel comes with various extensions.
  • It can be used to add functionalities to the control panel.
  • Most functionalities can be used to increase site security and improve webpage performance.
  • Even to add applications to a website such as WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, and OpenCart.
  • Get Cheap Reseller Hosting with a dedicated IIS application pool.
  • It provides isolation and improved stability for web applications working on sites.
  • Create separate hosting for each client.

ActiveServers Advantages

  • Plesk Host Manager: You can manage multiple sites and resources with the world's leading hosting control panel.

  • Managed Service: ActiveServers will manage and support your service every step of the way. So do not waste your time anymore.

  • Tremendous Power: It is over-specified and built with powerful Hex Core, DDR Ram, and RAID SSD storage.

  • Blazing Speeds: You can connect to a Tier 1 backbone with 10GB per second and enjoy the blazing website speeds.

  • Unlimited Data: Now enjoy streamlining of data without any limits.

  • Uptime Guarantee: Get SLA with a 99.9% network guarantee of power and virtual server availability.

  • Root Access: Now stay in control with full admin access. Perform any task you desire at any time.

For A Great Web Hosting Experience

24*7 Support

Linux Reseller Hosting customers can contact us via the ticket system and email for any technical questions. Linux Plesk hosting administrators will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

Plesk Panel

For Linux reseller hosting, Plesk provides complete freedom to resell linux based website hosting to your clients.

Wordpress ToolKit

With the help of WordPress Toolkit, you can install, import, scan existing WordPress, scan WordPress security, update WordPress plugins, update WordPress versions with one click.

Reseller Linux Hosting - Frequently asked questions


Linux reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where you can resell the linux based web hosting to multiple clients. You can create linux hosting plan as per your requirements to resell linux web hosting to your customers for huge profit with your brand name.

Linux reseller hosting supports programming and scripting languages, such as PHP, HTML.

Also, we provide Linux reseller hosting with plesk panel support. Plesk empowers clients with a web-based UI that allows clients to create and manage multiple sites and domains, set up databases, SSL / TLS.

Similarly, Plesk comes with various extentions that can be used to add functionalities to the control panel. Some functionalities can be used to increase site security, improve webpage performance, or even to add applications to a website, such as: WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart.

Also, we provide Linux reseller hosting with Nginx Reverse proxy. This option provides improved stability and speed of sites.

ActiveServers securely accept payments via debit cards, net banking payments, digital (UPI) and mobile wallets, mobile payments, bank transfers and PayPal.

Immediately! Which means our new customers can get started with Linux reseller hosting right away. Simply place your order and complete the payment process and you will receive Linux reseller Hosting account details on email within seconds.

Linux reseller hosting from ActiveServers supports MySQL database server.

We've given you linux hosting plans with 5.6 to 8.0 PHP versions supports.

Yes, you can upgrade your Linux reseller hosting plan anytime. We make the upgrade process as simple as possible.

Well, you can install software that supports Linux OS like WordPress, Shopify, PrestShop, OpenCart.

We take backup your site every week / month (files, databases, everything) on seprate drive. Backups are stored up to 2 weeks and you can restore it with one click from plesk panel or you can submit support request.

However if you want seprate backup solution, you can check our backup plans.

Yes, you can transfer your website with a few clicks by importing options or using FTP or if you need help, just let us know. Our technical team will transfer your website and we will do it for free!!

Visit Cloudflare Sign-up page.

Enter your Email address and Password.

Click Create Account.

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Click on Add site from the top navigation bar.
  3. Enter your website’s root domain and then click Add Site. For example, if your website is www.example.com, type example.com.
  4. Cloudflare attempts to automatically identify your DNS records. This process takes approximately 60 seconds to complete.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select a Free plan.
  7. Click Confirm in the Confirm Plan window that appears.
  8. Review whether all DNS records were identified in the DNS query results window. Manually add missing DNS records
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Copy the 2 Cloudflare nameservers displayed and click Continue.
  11. Change your domain nameservers to Cloudflare.

You will have to upgrade your current plan to higher.


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